Comic book thoughts 11-14-2012

Earth 2’s first story arc has wrapped up.  t was good.  No team has been formed yet.   According to Newsarama,  Dr. Fate makes an appearance in February.  That could be fun.

Worlds’ Finest continues to be fun.  Huntress meets the current Robin in the latest issue.  That was fun and I look forward to the next issue.  Powergirl and Supergirl almost crossed paths and it could be fun to see them met..

I picked up the trade paperback of the original I…Vampire series from the 1980s.  It is pretty good.  In this series, Andrew Bennett is a vampire hunting his ex-lover Mary.  Mary became the leader of  vampire cult called the Blood Red Moon.   This trade paperback collects the complete 1980s series including the team-up with Batman in Brave and the Bold.

I haven’t read any issues of the new I… Vampire series.  I have heard good things about it.  Maybe I will pick the trade paperback later.

Vibe having his own series still seems hard to believe.


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