Anatomy of a Murder

I have the Criterion Collection Blu-ray of Anatomy of a Murder.  Jimmy Stewart is a lawyer defending Ben Gazzara on charges of murder.  Lee Remick played Gazzara’s wife, who was rapped.  George C, Scott was one of the prosecutors.  It was directed by Otto Preminger, and was based on a novel.  It featured a musical score by Duke Ellington.

It is a good movie.  Stewart is good as the defense lawyer and Scott is good as one of the prosecutors.  (For a few minutes whenever i see Scott on screen, I think of his role of George S. Patton.)  The question is did Garzara’s character suffer a temporary loss of sanity due to an irresistible impulse.  Also the prosecutors are trying to keep the motive of Gazzara out of the trial.  Also they might be trying some other tricks.

The movie is pretty cynical for 1959.  Stewart leads Gazzara to the insanity plea.  Stewart gets Remick to dress down and appear dowdy in the courthouse.  The prosecutors are trying to keep Gazzara’s motive out of the case (maybe because it might Gazzara sympathetic).  The film suggests that the prosecutors might have offered prisoners a deal to testify against Gazzara.

I have not looked at any of the bonus features yet.  I am sure that they are good.


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