Star Wars thoughts

It is hard to be too excited about a new Star Wars series.  Maybe I have been burned by the prequel series.   The prequel trilogy is not dreadful but it was not really good either.  I only liked the Revenge of the Sith.  Even that one I did not like a lot.  To be fair, Revenge of the Sith looked awesome on the big screen.

Maybe it is too early to get excited about the new series.  Maybe since the first film has not been written, it is a bit too soon to be excited.  Maybe the producers won’t be happy with the first script and then hire someone else.  It could happen.  (I think one of the Spider-man movies went through 3 different scripts and various edits.  So while it is good that a writer has been hired, that could just be a first step in a long process.)

Maybe the prequels were doomed.  Maybe people loved the original trilogy so much that the prequel trilogy was bound to suffer a little.  Or it could be in the age of Harry Potter, the Star Wars movies seemed old-fashioned.

I am glad that Lucas won’t be directing the new movies.   As I said, I didn’t really care for the prequel trilogy.  My favorite movie in the franchise is the Empire Strikes Back and Lucas didn’t direct that one.  Maybe it is time to let a new director take over the franchise.  (Even Lucas has said that he thinks it is a good idea to hand over the director’s chair.  I think that is one of the reasons he gave for selling his company to Disney.)

As more news about  the films surface, my interest and excitement might grow.


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