Top Ten Films of the year 11-11-2012

Top Ten movies 2012 so far

Only movies seen in theaters count towards this list.  Safe is not eligible because I bought the DVD without seeing it in theaters.  (It was good though but oddly knowing that Jason Statham would be in the Expendables 2 later in the year made seeing Safe seem less urgent.)

  • Marvel’s the Avengers
  • the Hunger Games
  • Skyfall
  • the Dark Knight Rises’
  • John Carter
  • Safe House
  • the Amazing Spider-man
  • Men in Black 3
  • Journey 2 the Mysterious Island
  • the Expendables 2

I wasn’t sure if Flight belonged on the list or not.  It is pretty good.   I am not sure if I like it just because of Denzil Washington’s performance.  Maybe after some more thought, I will know.  Some of the music choices were a bit obvious but I am not sure if I would have noticed that as much if some critics had not mentioned it in their reviews.

Syfall might be as good as, or better than, Avengers if I take sentiment out.  I am not sure I can take sentiment out.  I’ve read Avengers and related comics off and on for years.  Unless the Avengers was dreadful, it would be hard not for me not to love it.  Craig is up for two more Bond movies and that should be good, even if recent interviews suggest that Craig is a bit conflicted about the role.

I really liked the Kevin James movie Here Comes the Boom but it is not a top ten film.  I guess it could be but that might be a down year for movies.  It is James’ best film so far.

It is a down year for comedies.  Maybe there will be a good one before the year ends but so far only Here Comes the Boom was really good.  The Campaign was decent at best in hindsight.  I don’t think I went to another comedy all year.


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