The new James Bond movie Skyfall is good.  Maybe calling it the best Bond in twenty years or since Sean Connery left the franchise might be a bit too much.  (I liked Roger Moore, for example.  Actually, I’ve liked all the Bonds except George Lazenby, whose film I have never seen.)  It  is better than the last one, which is not as bad as its recent reputation suggests.

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond and he is good.  He really has made the role his own and I look forward to the next film.  The reactions  to his selection as Bond are funny in hindsight.  (According to Wikipedia a British paper refereed to Craig as “Bland, James Bland.”)

There is a new Q and that is fun.  I think Q had been missed when the franchise was rebooted.  No one can replace the late Desmond Llewelyn in the heart of long time fans. though.  The gadgets are more down to are more down to earth than they were  in the pre-Daniel Craig era

In this Bond is after a villain who is targeting MI-6 and M.  Bond is also looking for a hard drive that has a list of agents undercover in all known terrorist organizations.  It is a pretty simple plot but that is not a bad thing.

Skyfall was directed by Sam Mendes,  He remains best known for the movie American Beauty,  He really had not directed a large scale action movie before this one.  Road to Perdition was a good film but not a large scale action movie.

Skyfall is really good.  It is at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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