Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is pretty good.  The movie is about a video game bad guy named Wreck It Ralph (John  C. Reilly) and he is tired of  being the bad guy. (The game looks a bit like Donkey Kong.)  No one likes the bad guy.

Ralph goes to a meeting with other video game villains and that is fun.  After that he goes game hopping to get a medal to prove that he can be a good guy.  He gets his medal in a game called Hero’s Duty and his reaction to it  is a lot of fun.  He gets his medal and then ends up in a racing game called Sugar Rush and then the movie detours.

Maybe it would have been fun to get to another game or two.  Or maybe that would have been too much.  It is hard to know.

This is a  fun movie.  It might not be as good as Toy Story.  (Toy Story was really good, sometimes I think people take it for granted.  Or maybe people don’t consider how it might have gone wrong) I thought it was really funny that when Ralph left his game, his game started to fall apart and threatened to get unplugged.

John C, Reilly is good as Ralph and Sara Silverman as Vanelliope and Jane Lynch as the drill sergeant with the tragic back story offer good support.  Jack McBrayer is good as Fix It Felix Jr too.  Silverman seems at first thought to be an odd choice for a Disney film.


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