Movie thoughts 11-4-2012

Flight is good, mostly because of Denzel Washington’s performance.  He is really good. Bruce Greenwood and Don Cheadle offer good support. (It is a small part for Cheadle.) This is the movie about an airline pilot who survives a crash.  He has drug and alcohol problems but did they contribute to the crash?  Or was the crash just a terrible accident and therefore unavoidable?

I am glad the finale Twilight movie comes out soon.  I am tired of that promo. I have never seen a whole Twilight movie.  One of the movies was on cable a while back but it did not interest me enough to watch the whole thing.

Escape to the Movies with Movie Bob is a fun movie review site.  Movie Bob does about 5 minute video reviews of movies.  It is worth checking out.  I think the updated review of the Phantom Menace is a lot of fun.

The Man with the Iron FIsts is getting some bad reviews.  It is at 53% at Rotten Tomatoes. Some critics suggest that the RZA took on a bit too much by co-writing, directing, and staring in the movie.  Perhaps it is just s well that I didn’t watch the movie this weekend.  (Perhaps the RZA should have done a film festival of some classic Shaw Brothers movies.)


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