DVD Thoughts 11-4-2012

I did not buy the Campaign on DVD or Blu-ray.  I did not feel interested.  Maybe the movie came out too soon on DVD and I just was not ready for it.  (The movie just came out in August.)  Or maybe the movie was fun enough to watch at the theaters but I can wait to see it again when it pops up on cable.

I didn’t buy either Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter or Seeking a Friend for the End of the World on DVD or Blu-ray.  Maybe I will pick  up “Seeking a Friend ,,,” later.  I am not ready to re-see it yet.  I am waviering a little on Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  I’ve seen a few good reviews.

Paul Rodriguez’s one man show Just for the Record is pretty good.  It is about his life and I think if you are a fan of his,  you will enjoy it.   I never knew that he was in the Air Force.  Apparently he and George Lopez are not tight.




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