Comic Book Thoughts 11-04-2012

What is Mike W. Barr up to now?  He wrote all those classic stories that were recently reprinted in the Alan Davis collection of Batman stories. (It would be nice to have him team with Davis on another Batman project.)  It would seem that DC Comics or Marvel comics could use him.  Or maybe he could do something for a smaller publisher, maybe he could bring back the Maze Agency.

Ed Brubaker wrote a nice text piece about moving on from Captain America.  Also I thought the last issue was pretty good and it seemed to be a good last story by Brubaker.  I wonder what Rick Remender will do.

Vibe is getting his own series.  Yes, Vibe. (Vibe is a member of the JLA from the early 1980s.  He was part of the infamous JLA Detroit era.  (This will a post Flashpoint Vibe.)   That’s unexpected.  Okay,that is a bit more than unexpected.  I am tempted to think this is something of a prank.

I still miss Wally West.


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