Movie thoughts 10-28-2012

I was thinking of taking my nieces to see Fun Size.  This is the Halloween based comedy with Victoria Justice (from Nickledeon’s Victorious).  Well a lot of the reviews were bad.  Even the positive reviews suggest that the movie is a mixed bag at best. Some of the humor might be a bit adult for my nieces. “Moreover, several of its supporting characters are totally detestable – especially the ones portrayed by Osric Chau and Jane Levy, who always seems to play some shallow, slutty and angst-ridden egotist.” (This is from Examiner,com.  That’s harsh.)

Wreck It Ralph opens this weekend.  I think it will be a lot of fun.  Previews continue to be good.  It has been a pretty good year for animated movies.  And yes, Zangief is a bad guy,.  (Okay, he might not be completely evil or diabolical but he is a Russian character from a 1980s and 1990s video game franchise.  He is somewhat of a villain.)

Early reviews of Skyfall are good. One of the few negative reviews suggests the movie is too long.  (Almost all James Bond movies are too long.  I am not sure why.  Is that because the franchise has roots back to the 1960s?  Are is it because the movies are British co-productions?) The producers are already planning the next movie.  I think this movie will be good.


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