Movie Thoughts 10-26-2012

A long time ago when I was younger, the movie Spaceballs came out.   I think i first saw it on VHS tape and I had friends in high school who loved it.  I did not get what the big deal was.  It is not nearly as good as young Frankensitein or Blazing Saddles  It had a few nice moments but if I never see the movie again, I will be okay with that.  

If I never see Machete again, I am okay with that too.  I will probably watch the Footloose remake again sometime in the next three months.  I know people who love Machete (or at least really like it) and critics seem to think a lot of it but I saw it once and never felt the need to see it again.  I did not even check it out on cable. Machete is at 72% on Rotten Tomatoes.  I guess since there is going to a Machete sequel, I am curious why  I didn’t like the movie more.

I think it has been a good year for movies.


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