Terror Train

I know that I must have seen Terror Train a few times before but I don’t think I’ve seen it in at least seven years.  Some of these seventies and early eighties horrors have not been on cable in years.  (Or maybe they on are cable channels I don’t have.)  There is a new DVD/Blu-ray combo pack from the Shout/Scream Factory,

Terror Train is the 1980 movie about college students being killed on a train during a graduation party.  (That explains the title.)  One twist is that several members of the party are wearing costumes and masks.  This gives the killer a chance to change identities. Jamie Lee Curtis stared.  David Copperfield was on hand to perform magic (which according to Adam Rockoff’s Going  to Pieces was credited to special effects).

Roger Ebert did not like it.  I liked it.  I thought Curtis was good and I liked some of the other characters.  I thought it moved at a good pace.  This is not a classic .   Halloween is a classic and this is a minor classic at best.


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