Movie Thoughts 10-23-2012

“A Haunted House” trailer is out.  It is a new film from Marlon Wayans and it looks bad.  It is a bit disappointing because you think there would be a few good jokes to make about the Paranormal Activity movies.   I think the Wayans family is getting a bit lazy.

If a supporting role in this is the best that Cedric the Entertainer is getting offered, maybe he would be better off hitting the stand-up circuit. (Maybe he is doing someone a favor.)  What happened to his movie career?  I guess his movie the Cleaner did not do well and he’s now just doing supporting roles.

There is going to be a Scary Movie 5.  It has been six years since the last one.  I thought that series was replaced by the Date Movie, Epic Movie, and other films by that writer/director team.  Those films are pretty bad.  (Okay, that might be a bit kind.)  The first two Scary Movies were okay.

Who are the reigning young action heroes?  Are there any?  By young, I mean an actor thirty years old or  younger.  I cannot think of a single one.   What has happened to the action movie?


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