DVD Thoughts 10-21-2012

Blade Runner comes out this week in a 30th anniversary edition.  It will include 5 different versions of the movie and several hours of bonus features.  5 versions of the film are too many, I think, but maybe some of the bonus features will be interesting.

Steve Carell’s Seeking A Friend For the End of the World comes out this week.  It is pretty good, maybe not as good as Carell’s Dan In Reel Life.  I will probably buy it.

I re-watched the Sting on DVD.  This is the movie with Paul Newman and Roberto Redford as con men in the depression   Robert Shaw stars as the man Redford and Newman are trying to con.  It is good.  I had not seen in it a few years.

Ruby Sparks and Safety Not Guaranteed are also out on DVD next week.  I have not seen either one but I have heard good things about both..  I will probably pick up one or both.


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