Movie thoughts 10-15-2012

Hotel Transylvania was decent.  I finally took my nieces to see it and they enjoyed it.  Some of the jokes were pretty good. The Twilight joke was expected but still fun.  Adam Sandler is not the first (or even the fourth) actor I’d choose to voice DracuIa but he fit the comedic mood or the script was written to fit his style  I am not sure why Cee Lo Green was in it instead of Chris Rock but maybe Rock was busy making Madagascar III,  We went to the 2D showing.  I think Wreck It Ralph will be better.

I think it has been a pretty good year at the movies.  The only movie I walked out of was Prometheus and that had a lot to do with me still having that terrible cold.  (I really thought I was over my cold when I went to the movie.)  I might have to take a few moments to figure out the 10 best movies of the year.

Chris Hemsworth is reported to be in talks to play Mitch Rapp in American Assassin.  This would be the first book based on Vince Flynn’s novels about CIA agent Mitch Rapp.  (The novels are good.)  This could give Hemsworth a franchise outside of Thor.  The busy Bruce Willis is rumored to be signed to play the mentor to Mitch.

2 Fast and Furious movies were on back to back cable channels this Sunday.  That was odd.


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