More Superhero movie thoughts

I realized that Ghost Rider was not really good. I was looking at my DVD collection and thought I have not seen Ghost Rider in two years or so,  (I don’t even remember wanting to watch it in the last year or so.)  I also realized that if I never see it again, I would be okay with that.  I feel no interest in the Ghost Rider sequel.  I think I might never watch it,

I almost forgot about the Green Hornet movie.  I was trying to list all the superhero movies of the last four years and thought about the movie.  It is pretty bad and the story of the long struggle to make the movie (including Kevin Smith’s script that became the basis for a new comic book) is more interesting than the movie is.  I think that the movie will be forgotten in a few years.

After all these years, people are still ripping Batman and Robin.  I know I have seen it.  It might not be good but  I don’t remember it being as bad as other people do.  Comic book resources had a feature about the ten worst lines of dialogue from Batman and Robin.  Was the movie really that bad that people still remember it?  Or do the Batman movies still pop up on cable from time to time?  Or when the new Batman movies come out,  does that stir memories of the previous movies?  Maybe it is a combination of all three.

I think the Daredevil movie gets a bad rap.  Affleck is good as Daredevil.  The other actors are good, even if Colin Farrel is a bit over the top as Bullseye.  (Okay, maybe he’s more than a bit over the top.)


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