Movie Thoughts 10-12-2012

Are we possibly heading for Superhero movie overload?  There are going to be sequels to Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man in the next two years.  There is going to be another X-Men movie and another Wolverine movie.  There is a new Superman movie coming out next year.  Is this too many?  I am not sure. It might be.  There is also the possibility of a Fantastic Four reboot.

Green Lantern movie was a flop and apparently it is also hated by critics.  Am I too generous/forgiving in my views of movies?  Or do I like superhero movies too much?  (Especially superhero movies featuring superheroes that I have read about for years.)

I am surprised that Taken 2 opened as well as it did.  I was not tempted to see it after seeing the reviews. I guess a lot of people did not read the reviews or disregarded them if they read them.  I wonder how it will do in the second week.  Maybe there will be a Taken 3.  (It will have to have new bad guys or maybe even distant relatives of these bad guys.)  This review is fun.

I did not go to Pitch Perfect last weekend.  Maybe I will catch it later if nothing better opens.  I am a bit worried about the repeated vomit jokes.  Apparently there are a few of those jokes in the movie or maybe more than a few.

I still wonder if Katy Perry was consulted about using her song Firework in Madagascar 3.   I guess it is okay not to know but it is a fun scene. I wonder if she was consulted on how or when the song would be used.


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