Mad River and other book thoughts

John Sandford’s latest Virgil Flowers is Mad River.   This time Virgil is tracking people on a killing spree through small Minnesota towns.  Virgil is a likable hero and more laid back than Sandford’s other hero Lucas Davenport.  Eric Conger reads the book on CD.

Ten Gallon War is pretty interesting.  I did not know or had forgotten some of the details of those days.  For example, I did not know that Landry interviewed for the Dallas Texans job.  Apparently he was not impressed with the setting of the interview and that was one reason he did not take the job.

Bill ORielly’s Killing Kennedy is pretty good.  It is his follow up to Killing Lincoln.  O’Reilly reads the book and he does a good job.  It is a non-political book.  There is the occasional really good sentence.  I liked the one about Lyndon Johnson and Bobby Kennedy being allowed to enter the White House through the Rose Garden but having nothing else in common except for their contempt for each other.  That was nice.


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