Dungeons and Dragons comic book series

IDW is publishing a Dungeons and Dragons comic..  It is written by John Rogers and drawn by Andrea Di Vito.  It  follows the adventures of a small band called Fell’s Five. It is pretty good.

The characters are likable.  The plots move quickly and the dialogue is good.  John Rodgers used to write the Blue Beetle for DC Comics.

The art by Andrea Di Vito is good.  I have seen his work in a few years, he drew Stormbreaker the Saga of Beta Ray Bill for Marvel comics and some issues of Thor during the Avengers Disassembled era.

There are currently three hardback collections of the series.  I have two.  I plan to get the other one.  You don’t have to play (or have played) Dungeons and Dragons or any of the related computer games to enjoy this series. Although the hardcovers have some bonus materials if you play Dungeons and Dragons.


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