Movie Thoughts 10-05-2012

The previews in front of Looper included 4 horror movies.  (If that is the worst thing I can say about the movie, it is not too bad.)One is from the writers of Saw, so I guess they have moved on.  (The movie, the Collection, does look sort of similar to Saw.  At least it does to me.)

The only movie previewed that I might want to see is Sinister,  Ethan Hawk stars in Sinister, so  it might be good.  Maybe after seeing more previews, I will have a better idea if I want to see it.

I am not sure if I want to see the new Kevin James movie Here Comes the Boom.  I am not a big fan of James but I have enjoyed a few of his movies.   It does not look that bad but it does not look special either.  Maybe if nothing better opens that weekend, I’ll go.

Taken 2 is 15% at Rotten Tomatoes.  Perhaps that is a sign not  to go.  The review from the Dallas Morning News is pretty harsh.  Perhaps it will be best if there is not a Taken 3.

Hotel Transylvania opened well.


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