TV thoughts 10-4-2012

Green Lantern the Animated series came back with a new episode last weekend.  It was good to see Guy Gardner.  It is always is. (Guy is one of my favorite heroes.) This seems to be a more fun Guy than we usually see..

Red Arrow (Roy Harper’s clone) and Speedy (the original Roy Harper) appeared on Young Justice:Invasion..  Speedy is angry about have been kidnaped and put in stasis and losing part of one of his arms.  I am not sure what the writers are going to do with both of them but it was nice to see them both.

Also in Young Justice, who the heck is Rocket marrying?  She has not been featured a lot in the show.  Poor Captain Cold tried to rob a bank next to Rocket’s lunch party. That was funny.

NBC’s Football Night in America is pretty good this season.  I really think they had too many people a few years ago but I think  the show is better with fewer people.  Even Dan Patrick seems better than he does on the radio.


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