How the SEC became Goliath

This is a book about the Southeastern Conference.  It is about how it has become the dominant college football conference.  The writer Ray Glier lives and works in Atlanta but he did not seem overly biased.  I did not notice any unfair remarks about the Pac-12 or the Big Ten..

It is a good book.  It gives more credit to Ron Zook for the success of Florida than I would have expected.  Apparently he could really recruit.  Zook took advantage of the downward slide of Miami and Florida State.

I also think the book is a bit too positive about NIck Saban.  I think he bailed on the  Miami Dolphins.  Also he was not doing that well in Miami before he bailed.  (To be fair, the team was in pretty bad shape before Saban took over.)  He has done a great job at Alabama though.

It is a good book,.  I think I might want to read another book by the author.



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