This is a good movie.  It is set in 2044 America and stars Joseph Gordon- Levitt as a looper.  Loopers are assassins who kill people sent back from the future.  Apparently at one point a looper might have to kill his future self.  That freaks some loopers out.  (It seems to me that they could be sent back for other loopers to kill but I guess that would destroy the whole plot of the movie.)

Bruce Wills stars as Gordon-Levitt’s future self.  Killing Bruce Willis is almost never easy. (Maybe it was easy in one of his movies but it is not in this one.) Willis gets a plan to solve his problem.  Gordon-Levitt is hunting Wills.  His bosses are hunting him for failing to kill Willis,

Time travel can get complicated.  At one point, Willis says he is not going to talk too much about time travel.  That they could talk about the possibilities for hours.  That made me smile.

The movie is written and directed by Rian Johnson.  He also wrote and directed Brick.  Brick was really good.

It is a good movie.  It is at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.  It is worth seeing.


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