DVD Thoughts 9-27-2012

Safe was pretty good.  It is Jason Statham’s latest solo movie and in this one he is protecting a young Chinese girl from  the Chinese mob and the Russian mob. (I guess there is not an Italian mob in this movie’s New York.)  It might not be Statham’s best film, like critic Jeffrey Lyons suggested, but it is good.

12 Angry Men was good.  I have the Criterion Collection DVD and I have not seen the film in a few years,  This is the 1957 movie about 12 men in a jury room debating a murder case.  It is set on the hottest day of the year in New York.   Henry Fonda stars as the initial juror with doubts.  I have not sampled any of the bonus features but I am sure they’re good.

Batman the Dark Knight Returns Part 1 was good but I think the recent Superman vs the Elite DVD was better.  Maybe splitting the source material into two movies hurt the movie.  Maybe it would have been better to make one 2 and a half to 3 hour movie. Or maybe Bruce Greenwood was a better voice for Batman than Peter Weller.  Or maybe I liked Batman Year One a bit more than the Dark Knight returns in comics and that feeling carries over to the animated movies.

Avengers holds up on Blu-ray.  I might have more thoughts about the Blu-ray after I explore the bonus features.


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