Comic book thoughts 9-08-2012

Orion of the New Gods has made his first appearance in the new 52.  He was in issue #12 of Wonder Woman.  It is good to have him  (and maybe the other New Gods) around.  In October, it might be worth while to check out the new issue of Wonder Woman.

The first hardback collection of the new 52 Wonder Woman series is out,  It is pretty good.  The writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang have done a good job.  Sales of the title are up 59% from pre-new 52 levels according to

World’s Finest remains good.  Kevin Maguire drew the zero issue, the one set entirely in the past.  He’s good, if a bit cartoony.  This one tells Kara’s and Helena’s first meeting.

I still miss Wally West.  I miss Garth (Tempest) too.


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