Movie thoughts 9-3-2012

I go to movies almost every weekend or at least 3 weekends a month on average.  I think that can lead to movie trailer fatigue.  It does seem like some of these trailers play for a long time, I felt like that trailer for Savages played forever.

The Saw franchise seems to have really ended.  It was a pretty successful franchise, I am a bit surprised that the studio ended it.  Lionsgate has the Hunger Games, so I guess the studio is okay.

Is Bradley Cooper a star outside of the Hangover movies?  (There is going to be a third Hangover movie.) Can he open a non-Hangover movie?  I guess we’ll find out when his next movie the Words opens.  I not sure the movie Hit and Run can be counted as his movie.   Dax Shepard was the main star in that movie.(I am not saying that Cooper is a bad actor but I wonder how much of a real box office draw he is.)

Skyfall looks to be good.  I hope it will be good.  It feels like it has been forever since the last James Bond movie.  It has only been four years but somehow it feels like it has been longer.

The Expendables 2 will probably make less money than the original, at least domestically.  That is surprising.  Expendables 2 might be a better film than original.  At the least, it is as good as the original.  Why is it making less money?


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