5 Franchises that weren’t

Some movies never really caught on.  For every movie franchise like Batman or Spider-man, there are probably two or three movies that were meant to launch a franchise.

Remo Williams the Adventure Begins was set to launch a franchise but the movie was not a hit.  I loved it, still do.  It is fun.  But it sank like a stone at the box office.  Maybe it was too long or maybe it was not thrilling enough.

Catwoman was a spin-off of Batman, well maybe.  It has been too long since I’ve seen the movie but I remember it having only a slight connection to Batman Returns.  It was pretty bad.  I am not sure how much of it was Halle Berry’s fault.  (I tend to not to blame actors too much for the failure of a movie unless they also co-wrote the script and directed the movie.  For example Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed, and stared in the Expendables, so if it was really bad it would have been his fault.)

Supergirl was set to become a series but the movie was pretty bad.  Helen Slater was not bad in the lead role but some of the supporting cast were bad and/or over the top.  The script, according to DVD Verdict, was a bit of a mess because it was not really finished and was constantly revised.

The Shadow in 1994 was supposed to launch a franchise.  It is a good, fun film.  Alec Baldwin was coming off the Hunt for Red October.  For some reason, the Shadow really didn’t make money.

The Punisher never became a franchise.  Three movies were made about the Punisher over the years and none of them were really successful.  One movie went straight to video.


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