Movie trailers

Can a trailer be better than its movie?  I am not sure.  The movie She’s Out of My League was  on cable last week and it reminded me of the trailer.  The trailer was pretty good and I had hopes for the movie.  I did not like the movie as much as I hoped I would.

One blogger said that the trailer for the Bourne Legacy was better than the movie.  I liked the movie.  The trailer was really good.

What is the job of a movie trailer?  It is, I think, to entice people to go see the movie.  So a trailer that entices people into going to theater is a success even if it misrepersents the film to a degree.

movies with misleading trailers

  • Adventureland *the movie was much more bitersweet than the tailer hinted at
  • Mr Jones *this was a movie about a manic depressive person that totally misrepersented the movie
  • Funny People*one of the two trailers totall ignored the romantic angle
  • She’s Out of My League*maybe this trailer was not really misleading but the trailer was excellent and the film was average at best

Trailers that gave too much away

  • Terminator 2 Judgment Day*the trailer gave away the major plot point thst one terminator was good and was evil
  • Sister Act II*the trailer gave away the best jokes



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