Movie Thoughts 8-26-2012

I am not interested in Premium Rush.  For some reason, I just don’t feel that interested even after seeing the promos.  They weren’t bad promos.  The movie is getting good reviews.

It feels a bit odd not to go to a movie on a weekend.  There is a new horror movie out, The Apparition, but I don’t watch horror movies often lately.  I don’t think I’ve been to a horror movie in four or five years.  I am not sure if Zombieland counts.

Hit and Run, the third movie opening this weekend, is reported to be pretty bad.  It stars Dax Shepard, who wrote it and co-directed it.  Maybe that was too much work for him on one movie. It is at 46% at Rotten Tomatoes and Richard Roeper hated it.  Roger Ebert liked it but sometimes I wonder if Ebert’s taste in movies has changed.  Sometimes in the last few years he likes a movie that I didn’t expect him to like at all.  This film for example.

The Wolverine sounds like it might be pretty good.  It will be set in Japan and maybe Wolverine will be the only superhuman person in the movie.  (I am a bit uncertain about that point.)  I actually enjoyed X-Men Origins Wolverine, it wasn’t great but it was enjoyable.  At least, it will get the mini-series that inspired the movie back into print.


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