The Bourne Identity re-watched

With the Bourne Legacy in theaters, it seemed like a good time to  rewatch the Bourne Identity.  So I did.  The movie holds up well.  (The movie is almost ten years old, so I am not worried about revealing too much of the plot in the description below,)

Matt Damon’s character  is looking for his identity after being found in the ocean by the crew of a fishing boat.  He remembers some things and gets stuff from a safety deposit box that includes several ids including one as Jason Bourne and one as John Michael Kane.   He gets help from a woman named Marie after he pays her to drive him to Paris.

Back in America, CIA agent Chris Cooper is organizing a hunt for Bourne.  Cooper might be lying to his superior or at least not revealing everything.  Cooper sends people after Bourne and Bourne starts to piece together his past.  He doesn’t seem to like who he was.

After killing another agent played by Clive Owen, Jason sends Marie off beause he feels that he can’t keep her safe,  Jason finds out more and arranges a showdown with Coooper.

Matt Damon is really good as Jason Bourne.  He is likeable at times, determined at others, and looks believable in the action sequences.  I am not sure if this is his best known role or not.  I think I still like the Adjustment Bureau best of Damon’s films.

After rewatching the Bourne Identity, it is clear that the Bourne Legacy is not as good.  As good as Renner is, I don’t think he has the charisma that Damon has.


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