DVD/Blu-ray thoughts 8-18-2012

Tonight You’re Mine was pretty good.  Maybe I was in a generous mood but I enjoyed it.  This is a movie about two singers handcuffed to each other during a musical festival in Scotland.  (The movie was shot during the T in the Park festival and that provides a nice background.) It stars Luke Treadway and Natalie Tena.  I am not familiar with either performer. I am not saying that the film is great.

John Sanford’s Certain Prey comes out on DVD next month.  Mark Harmon starred as Sanford’s hero Lucas Davenport. I  am looking forward to it.  Also I hope that means there will be another Prey TV movie.

Tom Selleck’s Jessie Stone TV movie Benefit of the Doubt is available on DVD.  It might be the last movie in the series. (There has not been an official announcement that the series is ending but hints have apparently been dropped.)  In this one, Jesse is back on the job investigating the death of the police chief who replaced him who died in an explosion.  Selleck is always good in the role. These are good, there have been eight so far.


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