the 500

The 500 by Mathew Quirk  is a bit like a John Grisham novel. (Perhaps it could be called a modern-day version of the Firm.) I think this is the writer’s first novel and it is pretty good.  There are some nice touches of humor and the characters are pretty interesting, especially the hero.  I have it on CD.

In this novel, a young man is recruited into a consulting firm.  The young man, Mike Ford, has a criminal past (small crimes) and a criminal father.  The firm, the Davies group, is very powerful.  Ford is seduced by the money and the power.

It is read by an actor name Jay Snyder.  He does a good job, especially with the voice of the hero and narrator.  His female voices aren’t great though.

I think Quirk’s next book will be worth checking out.


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