August Comic Book Thoughts

Gambit has a new series.  Is this his third or his fourth?  The art from Clay Mann looks good.  I don’t remember seeing his work before this.  Comic book resources has an interview with the writer.

The new Crusaders is getting decent reviews and I think it is selling well.  Maybe I will buy the trade paperback when it comes out.  Artist Alitha Martinez is coming on to do some work on the series and the previews look good.

Archer and Armstrong is getting decent reviews.  The preview art looks good.  It sounds like it could be fun.

The first Scarlet Spider hardback is out.  It is good.  Kaine is in Houston trying to figure out what to do with his life.  He was actually trying to get to Mexico first but something happened and he ended up acting like a hero.  I am not sure if Kaine’s powers are different in any way except for his lack of a spider-sense.

The first Action Comics hardcover from the new 52 is out.  It is pretty good.  This is writen by Grant Morrison and includes artwork by Rags Morales and Gene Ha (who drew scenes on Krypton).  The bonus features in back are good.


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