Total Recall 2012

The remake of Total Recall was pretty good.  Colin Farrell is a bit more believable as an everyman than Arnold Schwarzenegger ever was.  Schwarzenegger has more star power though.

The special effects were good.  I liked the flying cars.

Jessica Biel was good too.  This might have been the best I’ve seen her on the big screen.  (It might be the best I’ve ever seen her.)  She seemed more believable than she did in the A-Team, for example.

John Cho is fun as the guy who puts Farrell under at Rekall.  It is a shame that he has such a small part.

Kate Beckinsale is okay but her dialog needed work.  “I give good wife.”  Is that supposed to be funny?

I think the remake compares well to the original.  I didn’t remember it as a great film.  (Maybe I need to see the original one again.) This one is at 31 percent at Rotten Tomatoes.  That seems a bit low.


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