Movie Thoughts 9-2-2012

I wonder if there will be another Shadow movie.  Apparently  there  was an announcement in 2006 that Sam Raimi would make a Shadow movie.  There has not been any more news since then.   I liked the 1994 movie, it was fun.

The Hobbit is being turned into 3 movies.  That seems, at first glance, to be a bit much.  The book is only 300 pages.  I guess it could work but it seems to be stretching things close to the breaking point.  I guess if the movies are not good or if the last movie is not good, I guess I will know.

I don’t remember Batman and Robin as such an awful movie.  Recently it seems to gotten the reputation online as really bad.  Maybe it has been too long since it popped up on cable but I don’t remember it as so bad.  I am sure it might have been bad but I doubt it was awful as it is reported being.  (Duece Bigalow European Gigalo, for just one example, is probably even worse than its reputation.  If such a thing is possible.)


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