August Comic Book Thoughts

Earth 2 continues.  Hawkgirl, the Flash, the Atom, and Green Lantern have made appeareances and a team might slowly be forming.  A new verison of Solomon Grundy, just called Grundy, has risen. The Atom is part of the World Army.  (That name sounds a bit grim.)  Niccola Scott is doing good work redesigning these characters.   I wish this book was published twice a month.  Things are happening and interest is building.

Grant Morrison is leaving Action comics.  There is no news on who’s replacing him.  I am little surprised because Morrison worked on Batman for years, so I thought he’d settle in for a long run on Action Comics.  Apparently Morrison is planning to cut back on superheroe comics and do some creator owned works.

Mark Waid is going to write the Hulk.  That is interesting, Waid’s never written the Hulk before as far as I know.  The artist will be Lenil Francis Yu.   This will be the classic Hulk, not the Red Hulk.  (I knd of wish they’d throw away the Red Hulk.)  Waid is still going to be writing Daredevil.


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