Thoughts about Animated Movies

It has been a good year for animated movies.  I’ve taken my nieces to four movies and will probably take them to three more before the year is out.  Okay, I am not really looking forward to Hotel Transylvania.

Pirates Band of Misfits was fun.  It is claymation and British.  This is about a pirate captain’s quest to win the pirate of the year award.  They get involved with Charles Darwin.

The Lorax is based on the Doctor Sues book.  It was good but not really that memorable.  Danny Devito was funny as the Lorax.

Ice Age Continental Drift was pretty good.  In this  one, Manny the Mammoth gets separated from his wife and daughter and with the help of Diego the saber tooth tiger and Sid the sloth tries to get back to his family. All the voice actors return (also Wanda Sykes is added as Sid’s granny) and I was surprised how much I liked it. Maybe I need to re-watch Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Brave was good.  This is the story of a princess trying to change her fate and what goes wrong in the attempt.  It was nice to hear Billy Connolly as the voice of the King.  (He doesn’t have to try to be funny, he just is.)  The movie is a bit closer to Brother Bear than to Toy Story but Brother Bear is not bad.

Madagascar III was fun. (I went alone and had a good time.) None of the Madagascar movies are great but all have been enjoyable.  The crew of mismatched animals are trying to get back to New York and hook up with a circus. There is fun, French animal control cops chasing the crew, and a possible romance for Alex the Lion (Ben Stiller). I wonder if Katy Perry had to sign off for the movie to use her song Firework.

I think Ice Age might have been the best animated movie of the year so far.  Maybe the Lorax was the worst animated movie of the year so far but that doesn’t mean it is terrible.

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