More TV thoughts July

Why is it okay for George Lopez to have a “stereotypical white person voice”?  Jerry Seinfeld or Tim Allen would be run out-of-town on a rail for using a “stereotypical Mexican voice”.  Does Chris Rock have a “stereotypical white person voice”?  Lopez’s newest comedy special was not bad otherwise. Although he did waste some time in the opening.

I really thought the reality TV trend was fading.  I guess it is not but who still watches all this stuff.  Apparently there will an all-star edition of Dancing with the Stars.  Isn’t that a bit silly?  Aren’t they stars already?

John Stewart and Steven Colbert have signed up for two more years of their shows on Comedy Central.  (I am not a huge fan of either one.)  I guess neither one is tempted by other jobs.  I wonder if Stewart regrets ABC picking Jimmy Kimmel over him or wonders what might have been.

Has Jon Stewart ever been offered  an HBO special?  I think he would probably do a good job.


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