Movie Thoughts 4-19-2012

Most reviews of the Dark Knight Rises are good.  The film critic of the Boston Herald, James Verniere, did not like The Dark Knight Rises.  Or at leas he did not love it.  He felt the musical score was overdone and that the movie was too dark.

The Village Voice did not like the movie either.  The critic, Nick Pinkerton, calls the movie self-important.  He also suggests the movie is too long.  It does not sound like much fun either.

I still want to see the movie.

I wonder if there will be more new trailers at the Dark Knight Rise.  I feel like I’ve seen the same trailers a lot.  There is supposed to be the new Superman trailer.  I want to see that on the big screen.

I wonder if a lof of people will go to the Alex Cross movie.  Tyler Perry is best known for his comedies and his fans did not respond to his two more serious films.  They didn’t flop exactly but they were not as popular as his comedies.

It has been 11 years since the second movie with Morgan Freeman as Cross.  I don’t remember either film.  I am sure that Morgan Freeman was good as Alex Cross.  I wonder why the producers decided to make a new Alex Cross film.  I guess this counts as a reboot.


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