James Patterson’s I, Micheal Bennet

Jame Patterson’s latest Michael Bennet novel is I, Michael Bennet.  I have it on audio and I liked it.  It as pretty compelling.

Michael Bennett is a NYPD detective with 10 adopted children.   He is a pretty likable hero but not as bright as Patterson’s Alex Cross.  In this book, Bennet is involved in a stakeout to capture a notorious drug lord who is coming to New York.  Things go wrong and the plot of the book develops from there.

I liked the book on cd.  Actor Bobby Carnival reads the parts of the book from Bennett’s point of view and another actor reads the parts from the criminal’s point of view.  This is the format used in the Alex Cross books on CD and other books in the Michael Bennet series.  It works well.

I liked the book even though it ended on a cliff hanger.  Some of the reviews on Amazon.com did not like the fact that the book ended on a cliffhanger.  Also a few critics felt the book was overly grim.  Bad things happen in the book and if the narator did not seem a bit grim at times that might be a bit hard to take.

I think I will buy the next book in the series.


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