Movie Thoughts 7-14-2012

The Dark Knight Rises opens in five days.   (Okay it opens in six days or maybe five days depending on how the midnight showings are counted.)  I wonder how good it will be.  The previews look good.  Christopher Nolan has said that he wants to move on from Batman and won’t be involved in the new Batman film series (whenever it will be) and a proposed Justice League movie.  I guess he feels he has done his superhero/comic book movies and wants to do other things.

There will be a Fantastic Four reboot.  I didn’t think that the two films were that bad.  They were not great but I thought the 2nd one was significantly better than the original.  (The setup and origin took a long time in the first movie.)  I think the reboot could be good but I’ve seen worse comic book movies than Fantastic Four.

The Expendables 2 opens next month.  I think it will be good.  It has Chuck Norris along with the cast of the original.  I wonder if Stallone and Norris talked during downtime.  Jean-Claude Van Damme is also on hand, even if he is the villain.  (He has not been the villain in a long time.)

Early reviews of Dredd are mostly negative.  The reviews are not terrible and don’t suggest the movie is a complete failure.   The reviews suggest that the movie could have been better but it is still better than Stallone’s Judge Dredd.  I know that I’ve seen it but I barely  remember it. (So at least it is not something I remember as really terrible.)I am still interested in seeing the new movie.  Karl Urban should be good.

The finale Harry Potter movie is on HBO and it holds up well.  I am surprised how much I liked it.  I might want to watch both parts of the Deathly Hallows on back to back days in Ocotober or November.


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