Book Thoughts July

The Superman biography is interesting.  It is by Larry Tye.  I knew some of this information but not all of it.  I liked the style in which he presented it.  I won’t say that the book will appeal to people who aren’t interested in Superman at all.  One interesting thing in the book is probably the discussion of only marketing the characters and not publishing them.  This was in 1976 and Jeanette Kahn was being interviewed for the publisher job.  (It is interesting that a major executive at Warner Brothers even suggested it to Jeanette Kahn during her interview.)  It is a good book for anyone interested in Superman.

Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson is kind of confusing.  I think I missed a lot because I have only read the Repairman Jack novels and The Keep but none of the other books in The Adversary cycle.  Nightworld ends the Adversary cycle and it is interesting but I did not know some of the characters and I got a bit confused.  It is not terrible but I think I would have liked it more if I read the other books in the Adversary cycle.

Paul S Kemp has a new book, The Hammer and the Blade.  It is the first of a new series published by Angry Robot.  It is pretty good, it is about two rogues/tomb robbers.  I have the e-book  His website is pretty nice.


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