The Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-man is good, not great.  I think the Lizard is just not that interesting a villain.  If there is a sequel, it might be just as well if he does not come back.

I think what holds this movie back, besides the Lizard, is the need to reboot the franchise.  Even though the origin story is good, it does feel really familiar.  Maybe the movie would have been better if it had been a continuation of the Raimi movies.  (I guess that boat sailed.)

Andrew Garfield is good as Peter Parker/Spider-man.  I am not sure if he is better than Toby Maguire.  I think in some ways Garfield is as least as good as Maguire.  If Garfield was not good, the movie would sink like a stone.  This is a more brooding Spider-man and at first it seems he just wants to avenge the death of his uncle Ben.  Yes Garfield is a bit too old to play a teenager but after a while it is not noticeable or as noticeable.

Ema Stone is good as Gwen Stacy.  She is very likable and doesn’t seem out-of-place in the more fantastic elements of the plot.  It does seem a bit odd that an intern has as much access to Obscorp a she does.  (Oh well if that is the biggest plot hole I noticed than I enjoyed the movie a lot.)

I think this is maybe the fourth best movie of the year so far.  The Dark Knight Rises comes in about 16 days, maybe it will as good as this movie.  Maybe it will be better.


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