TV thoughts July

Charlie Sheen’s new show Anger Management got big ratings for  the first episode.  The real test will be how the ratings go as the series goes on.  There was a curiosity about Sheen after his firing from Two and a Half Men.  (I cannot remember anything else like his firing happening in the last five to six years.  Even Conan Obrien’s leaving the tonight show was not quite as strange.) As that fades, will interest in the show fade?

I wonder how long Two and a Half Men will last without Sheen?  I guess it will be a success if it goes 3 or 4 years without him.  I think the show did okay without him.

CSI Miami was canceled, leaving just two CSI shows.  Maybe three shows was spreading the concept a bit too thin.  (Outside of the locations, I am not sure there was a lot different about each series.)  Ten years is a pretty good run in today’s tv market.

Bristol Palin’s reality show is being pushed back an hour after 2 weeks (this will put it out of primetime).  Wow, that was quick.  I guess the Lifetime network lacks faith in the series.  There was a Glen Fry tv series that was canceled after one episode years ago and I think there was an NBC show a few years back that bombed out in a month but after to alter a show’s timeslot so soon seems a bit odd.


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