Movie thoughts 7-01-2012

The Amazing Spider-man opens in 2 days.  Early reviews are mostly good (The New York Daily News review is not positive).  I wonder how many  people will go.  It seems a bit soon for a reboot of the franchise (it has only been five years since Spider-man III).   Andrew Garfeild is getting good reviews for performance as Spider-man.  Ema Stone is getting good reviews too.  (I wish the critics wouldn’t spend so much time comparing the new movie to the Raimi series but that series really remains in people’s  minds.  I want to know mostly if the movie is good compared to what is currently playing.)

I wonder if five years is too soon for the reboot.  In a crowded summer movie season could a reboot of Spider-man seem like old news?  (Do we need to see the origin story again?  Would it have been better to continue from the previous series?) Will people feel a bit casual about seeing it? The ads look good but are they compelling enough?

Also I wonder if the Lizard is the right villain for the movie.  He is more a tragic villain than truly evil and also once he transforms he is a brute.  Maybe someone else would have been a better choice.  Mysterio could have been an interesting choice. I am looking forward to the movie and I hope to enjoy it.  I have a few minor concerns.  At least I think they are minor concerns.

Rumors are circulating that the Guardians of the Galaxy will have a movie in 2014.  Well, that is different.  I wonder why that choice was made.  The Guardians of the Galaxy are a superhero team either from an alternate future or a modern superhero team of aliens.  I like the classic team from the alternate future but apparently the modern verison of the team will star in the movie.  More news is due in a couple of weeks from Comic Con.

Why the Guardians of the Galaxy?  Why not the Black Panther or Hercules?  Hercules might be too similar to Thor, I guess. The Black Panther could be interesting.



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