Comic book thoughts 6-30-2012

Ed Brubaker is stepping down as writer of Captain America.  He has worked on the title for about 6 or 7 years., including the Death of Captain America (which was interesting and the aftermath was also interesting).  Brubaker has done a good job.  His replacement has not been announced yet.  I am a bit ticked off that he killed Jack Monroe aka Nomad but I did like the story about Nomad after his death.  I think Brubaker said he wants to write more of his own characters.

Brubaker leaving Captain America is one of the changes happening post Avengers vs X=Men.  I think a few other writers are keaving their books as well.  There should be more news soon,

Spider-man #2 was fun.  It is moving a bit slowly but it is still intersting.  Peter Parker goes to the ultimate universe and meets the new Spider-man.  (He already meet Spider-man 2099 a long time ago.)  I am not very familar with Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-man.  He seems like an interesting character.


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