TV thoughts June

Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes is being canceled.   This seems like a bad decesion until further thought is given to it and then it seems like terrible decison.  It is Marvel’s best cartoon in years.   Well, it was fun while it lasted.  It is being replaced with Avengers Assembled, which willl not feature extended storylines.  Hank and Jan are gone too.  (This is sad because Hank was portrayed as well on the current series as he has been in years.  They weren’t in the film and the cartoon wants to seem more like the film.)

Sometimes I wonder who is watching all these bachelor and bachelorette shows.  Why do those franchies continue?   The novelty has to have worn off.

I wonder how a new Arsenio Hall show will effect the late night business.  It seems odd to come back to the game after so long.


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