Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

This was decent or at least fairly good.  I think it could have been better and the novel was better.  There were a lot of changes in the movie from the book, which surprised me.  Why change so much from a best-selling novel?  (The writer of the novel and the movie is Seth Grahame-Smith.)  Maybe the book wasn’t epic enough for a movie the producers decided.

The cast is good, especially Dominic Cooper as Henry Sturges (Lincoln’s mentor in the arts of vampire slaying) and Rufus Sewell as Adam (the master vampire).  Mary Elizabeth Winstead was charming as  Mary Todd, later Mary Todd Lincoln. (At times, I wanted to see more of Lincoln’s courtship of her.) Benjamin Walker was good as Lincoln, if he was not the movie would fall apart.  Anthony Mackie is good as Will Johnson, a free black man and Lincoln’s best friend.  (I don’t rememember seeing him in a starring role.)

The movie is silly, violent, and enjoyable.  Slow-motion might have been overused.  I just think the book was more enjoyable.


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