Movie Thoughts 6-07-2012

The new Madagascar is getting pretty good reviews.   I am going next weekend with my nieces.  The only odd thing is that there are midnight showings.  I wonder how msny people will go.  I don’t think young kids should be up after midnight.

Prometheus is getting good reviews.  I will probably go tomorrow.  I sm not sure if it is connected to Aliens or not. (Some of the critics reviewing the film seem confused on this point too.) Ty Burr of the Boston Globe is one critic who gave it a bad review.  I like his reviews even if I disagree with them.

  • top five movies 2012 so far
  • the Avengers
  • the Hunger Games
  • John Carter
  • Safe House
  • Journey 2 the Mysterious Island
  • Most anticpated five movies still to come in 2012
  • the Dark Knight Rises
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  • Skyfall
  • Rock of Ages

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