Inspector Lewis (updated)

Inspector Lewis is the follow-up to Inspector Morse.  Kevin Whately returns as Robbie Lewis. He  was Morse’s Sergeant but now he is an inspector.  The series picks up a few years after Morse’s death and also the death of Lewis’ wife in a hit and run accident.  This series is inspired by Colin Dexter’s novels but the stories are all original.

This is a good series.   It might not be as enjoyable as Sherlock perhaps but I think Sherlock is really good (and at times outstanding). Whately’s Lewis is a very likable hero and the interplay between him and his Sergeant Hathaway (played by Laurence Fox) is enjoyable.  Hathaway went to Cambridge and is like Morse in some ways.  Most of the mysteries revolve around Oxford and its various colleges.  Often the mysteries involve books or art.

Inspector Lewis returned for a sixth series in 2012. (PBS counts the series/seasons differently and the fifth box set will come out in the fall.)  Inspector Lewis will return for a final series in 2013,

I own all five series of Lewis according to PBS.  The British TV channel counts the series differently and says there are six series or seasons.  I need to watch three more episodes of season four and then I have seen them all.  The series has been good from the pilot episode and I think if anything, it got better as the series/seasons go on.  If it has not gotten better, it has continued at a high level.

It did seem a bit odd that in series 5 that a new Detective Inspector was featured in two episodes.  This was DI Peterson played by Jason Durr.  He was featured in 2 episodes.  He was a likable enough character but  I wondered if this was part of a set up for a spin-off.  Whately and Fox have hinted that they’d like to do other things.


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